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NIWAKA was born in Kyoto, a city of tradition and
beauty with over 1,200 years of history.
Each piece of jewelry is a manifestation of the
superior craftsmanship and refined sense of
aesthetics fostered in Japan’s ancient capital, making
NIWAKA jewelry the perfect gift to express every
aspect of your love.


Stories of Love

Every couple has a love story all their own, and every NIWAKA ring has a unique meaning behind its design. As the perfect symbol of your devotion, let your ring become a part of your story, an embodiment of the romantic promise of a bright future ahead.

Attention to Detail

NIWAKA prides itself on crafting each piece of jewelry to become a work of art, beautiful from every angle. The sophisticated craftsmanship and attention to the smallest of details serve as proof of NIWAKA’s devotion to creating fine jewelry.

Perfect Pairs

Whether you choose a straight or curved line for your engagement ring, there is a wedding ring that you can pair it with as a charming stacked set. By stacking your engagement and wedding rings together you can create a unique match that is also comfortable to wear.

Superior Craftsmanship

NIWAKA’s delicate and refined ring designs require the experienced hands of talented artists who put their heart and soul into every piece. Uncompromising in pursuit of the ultimate beauty, NIWAKA craftsmen employ their finely-honed skills to create exquisite jewelry worthy of symbolizing an eternal love.

Custom Pieces

NIWAKA carefully crafts each ring according to the customer’s choice of materials, size and engraving. Every gorgeous design is brought to life through skilled craftsmanship and inspected with the strictest of quality standards.

High Quality
Diamonds & Materials

NIWAKA is dedicated to the highest level of quality. Center stones, melee diamonds and all other materials are judged according to the strictest standards before being incorporated into NIWAKA jewelry.

A Passion for Brilliance

Selecting only the rarest and most beautiful high-quality diamonds is what makes NIWAKA jewelry dazzle brilliantly from every angle. All NIWAKA pieces are carefully designed to bring out the full potential of the diamonds, specially chosen by experts under the strictest of standards.

High Quality Materials

Dedicated to excellence, only the highest quality of precious metals are used in making NIWAKA jewelry. High quality metals coupled with the highest rated stones make NIWAKA Fine Jewelry the world-class standard of luxury.


  • Premier Collection


Inspired by the gorgeous landscapes and
traditional motifs of Japan,

  • Special Collection


The NIWAKA CLASSICS collection speaks
of romance in its purest form,